How does Park, Bike & Dance at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2019 work?

With Park, Bike & Dance you easily park at the RAI during ADE including bikes, that you can use during your time in Amsterdam. This way your car is safely parked, while you visit the best parties by bike. Fast, easy and affordable!


How do I pay for Park, Bike & Dance?

After booking through the website, you pay directly online. This way your parking spot and bike are immediately reserved for you and you will not have any extra costs afterwards!  All common payment methods are offered on our website. Think of bank payment, credit card or PayPal.


Is it possible to arrive with another car?

Yes, that’s not a problem. Send a message via or WhatsApp via +31 (0)6 198 648 67 and we will adjust the license plate for you. Find all our contact options here.


What are the opening hours of the car park?

The car park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can easily access the parking lot with license plate recognition.


What are the parking instructions?

Chk met Laurens


How do I find the parking lot? 

On your reservation confirmation, you will find the address of the RAI and the parking instructions.

The RAI has several parking areas on their site, you will receive the exact parking location by email two days before the start of your trip.


I have not received a reservation confirmation, what now?

Don’t panic! Did you check your spam box? If it is not in your spam folder, you can contact us by e-mail or WhatsApp. Find all our contact options here. Our customer service will send you a new confirmation.


I would like to make a change.

The easiest way to do this is by sending an e-mail or WhatsApp message. Find all our contact options here.


I want to extend my booking, is that possible?

No, unfortunately, it is not possible to extend your booking. However, you can make a new reservation online for the extra day(s).


I want to cancel my reservation.

If you want to cancel your reservation you can do so, up to 24 hours before arrival at a charge of 15% of the amount paid. Please contact us via mail or Whatsapp, you can find all our contact options here. If you want to cancel within 24 hours before arrival you pay the full amount. You can cover this with cost-free cancellation insurance (costs are 9% of the total amount) during the reservation. Please note this option is not available if you make a reservation within 24 hours before parking.


Is the parking space secured?

The parking lot is secured with a barrier.


Can I also use this promotion outside the ADE?

Not at the moment, but we are working hard to offer this service during other events as well.


How does it work? 

Two days before the start of your reservation you will receive an email from us with your login details to activate the bikes. Please note that you will receive a unique login code for each person.


Download the Hello-Bike app per person and fill in the login details. Download the Hello-Bike app now and be well prepared!

Download van de App Store (iOS)

Download van Google Play (Android)


In this email, you also receive the exact parking location at the parking area of the RAI. Please note you will enter the RAI with license plate recognition, so make sure the correct license plate is stated on your confirmation.

At the end of your reservation, please return your bike at the RAI, pick up your car and drive home safely!


How do I sign up for the app?

New users download the Hello-Bike app and sign in with the login details (email and password) that you have received by email. After logging in, you enter the  4 digit entry code that you find at the back of the bike. Click “Unlock & start ride” to open the smart lock on the bike.


How do I open and close my bike?

Each bike has a four-digit code. This code must be entered into the app you downloaded.

After entering the code, the lock opens automatically.

Do you want to lock your bike during your stay in Amsterdam?  Click on ‘Lock & pause ride’ to lock the bike. Open the lock and resume your ride by tapping ‘Unlock’.

At the end of your reservation,  please return your bike at the  RAI where you park your bike. End the reservation by clicking on ‘Lock & End ride’. Then push down the orange lever on the lock.


Can I lock the bike anywhere?

Yes, you can lock the bike anywhere, and the bike can’t be used by others. Outside the RAI you can pause a ride, the bike remains available for you. To lock the bike, tap ‘Lock & Pause Ride’. Then push down the orange lever on the lock. Open the lock and resume your ride by tapping ‘Unlock’.


Should I bring the bike back to the RAI?

Yes, the intention is to bring the bike back to the RAI. Here you can end the ride.


How many bikes can I reserve in 1x?

A maximum of 8 bicycles can be booked per car.


What if I have damage to the bike?

In case of damage of the bicycle, you can indicate this via the chat in the app. You can leave the bike and pick up another bike at one of our parking spots. These parking spots can be found in the hello-bike app that you have downloaded.


What if my bike has been stolen?

If your bike is stolen, please contact Hello Bike directly via the chat in the app. They will help you with a replacement bicycle.